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Pricing & Policies

Beam’s Music Studio Music Lessons

Pricing & Policies

At Beam’s Music Store, we encourage our students' parents to stay during their lesson. We believe it helps affirm their effort and it helps the student get over the initial performance fear that sometimes happens with newer or younger students.


Below are our standard policies. We are flexible to a point but in order to be fair to all parties please try and follow these as best as possible. We understand certain unforeseeable circumstances may arise from time to time but please work with us as we will work with you. Thank you.


Lessons are weekly and booked by the month. They are priced per half hour lesson with a one time registration fee of $25. 
Students must maintain a consistent weekly schedule in order to keep their time slot and teacher. If they do not, we reserve the right to fill their slot with someone from the waiting list.


Vacations:  Beam's Music tution is based on 4 lessons per month for 48 weeks, and includes 4 weeks vacation per year. The weeks are schedlued vacation off weeks are as follows: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and 4th of July. You may take a lesson off other than those listed and do a make up to get back on track. 




Payment by semester:
Payment by the semester is available and must be received by our office and paid for in full prior to the first lesson. Payment for the year is available and must be received in full prior to the first lesson.  Yearly payments (based on the school year Sept 01-June 15) are eligible for a 5% discount. Please call our office to make arrangements for yearly payments.  Please note; both full semester and yearly payments are subject to the same cancellation policies as monthly payments.



Monthly Payments:
Payment for the month ahead is due on the 4th lesson of the month. Payment method is autopay existing students may pay at the service desk with credit card or  check made out to Beams Music Studio.



Cancellation Policy:
You may stop your lessons any time. We require 15 day withdraw notice whch is provided in your student packet at signup.


Lessons cancelled by the student must be canceled two weeks in advance. Lessons canceled after this time cannot be refuned.


Lessons cancelled otherwise fall into the emergency cancellation category.


Emergency Cancellations:
Lessons cancelled by the student due to illness or emergency may be eligible for group makeup as outlined below. If your child is home sick from school please DO NOT have them take a lesson.

Lessons that are cancelled with at least 4 hours advance notice are eligible for makeup with a limit of 3 *emergency* cancellations per school year.


Group Makeup Lessons:
Makeup lessons are scheduled at the Beams service desk as group lessons, student have 60 days to makeup their missed lessons or lessons is lost with execption of the summer extension. The makeup will be with your teacher.


Makeup lessons have no financial value.


We are happy to share our love of music with your friends or neighbors. Please have any referrals call the Studio directly to request a teacher that you have recommended.

Referrals equal one free lesson.


Taking a break:
If you wish to take a break from lessons two weeks notice is required to cancel with the instructor. If you take a month or more off (including summer) you are not guaranteed the same teacher upon resuming lessons and you need to re-register with the school.



Note: without a pre-paid retainer fee we cannot guarantee you the same teacher.


Want to keep the same teacher in the fall?
Students who are already with a teacher in the school – and want to retain that teacher come fall – either need to pre-pay your tuition for the time you are off, and do you make ups in your teachers  group sesson class, or continue lessons as usual.

Please understand that these policies are in place to protect our faculty, whose time must be compensated during summer months and to insure that students prioritize and commit to their musical education.


Don’t worry!
All of our teachers are terrific, smart, professional and fun.


If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.


Mon               4:00 pm-

                      8:30 pm

Tue                4:30 pm-                               8:30 pm

Wed.              4:30 PM-

                      8:30 pm

Thur              no hours
Fri                Retail open

Sat               no hours

Sun ..            CLOSED


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