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Beam's Music Store Guitar, Piano, Violin, Accordion, & Folk, Instruments and Accessories. All popular Instrument Lessons

 We are now located at Green Dragon Market, Building T-26, Ephrata PA 17522.                      * Lessons Call 888.502.2326  *Store Open Friday from 9am to 8:30pm for an appointment we can schedule at your convenience..

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Instrument (School Orchestra & Band) Rentals

Band and Orchestra instrument rental program.

EasyRent just click on the photo for direct link: 


EASYRENT Program Benefits==
  • Teacher-approved brands
  • Easy online ordering with free shipping and returns
  • Low pricing
  • Buy, exchange, upgrade or cancel at any time
  • No security deposits

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Ask The Guru:

What is a good age to start my son or daughter with music lessons?

Thomas Perry
Ask The Guru
Usual questions ask about music lessons is: At what age do i start my child with music lessons? Can i really learn to play an instrument? We typically start at 6 years of age, much depends on the maturity of the student. Can i learn? The answer is yes with a but, and that is you need to practice and be patient. Today's world patience is a had gift to enjoy. Music is a journey, For more Visit my Blog

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Bristol BM-16 000 Acoustic Guitar  Price $349.00

The Bristol BM-16, 000 style acoustic guitar by Blueridge proudly represents this new brand with style. Just like the popular BD-16 dreadnought guitar, the BM-16 has all the right features that one would expect from more expensive instruments, but all in a smaller body-sized guitar that not only looks amazing, but sounds incredible too!

WHAT'S NEW? Coming Soon, we will be offering a dropin Ukulele group class, every 3rd Monday from 7:15 pm to 8:pm. No monthly commitment just drop in when you can and have a blast. Cost for each class is $20 per person. Mark your calendar..

Here is a pre event tip for free... We have a great ukulele songbook resource over 200 popular songs free Once signed up you can access theUkulele song book "Its fantastic" chord charts, words, and strum patterns all for free... 

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Great Gift Ideas for the new musician 

Just Click The Link Conductor Stands $34.99}



RETAIL STORE - NEW FALL HOURS: Friday 9am to 8pm.

Mon, Tue, Wed, and Sat, by appointment only.

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STUDENT HOURS: 888-502-BEAM (2326)

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Beams Music Store, Summer's Coming! Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Violin, Voice and Viola lessons.


The bennies that come from playing an instrument will be music to your ears!

  • Improves recollection and retention of verbal information
  • Increases scores in math, science, reading, and language arts
  • Increases average SAT and ACT scores
  • Increases discipline and the ability to concentrate 

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE, Guitar/Ukulele Lessons  Ephrata PA

Benefits of making music for adults either:

  • Adults who start playing music report a decrease in stress, improvement in memory, and better mood Since many health issues are related to stress, adults who play music enjoy better overall health. Eighty-five percent of adults wish they would have learned to play a musical instrument. If that’s you, please know that it’s never too late to start!

Create the next song that could change people’s it simply lives starts here.

Learn the skills you need for your song to soar.

Whether you are a seasoned musician, a fifth grader starting band, or anything in between, music lessons are an integral part of your music journey. One-on-one coaching with an instructor will give you a step above the other members of your school, or garage band.

Not in a band? Music lessons benefit someone at any age when learning their instrument. Playing can calm your nerves after a long work day, or help you wind down around a campfire, lead in worship at your church, youth group or friends and family. Your song starts here, at Beams Music Store 


Not your typical music store. Our focus is in providing quality lessons, luthier service for guitar, & stringed instruments, band &  orchestra instruments, accordions and folk instruments. We have a small retail store for quality instruments. With a good selection of accessories for all instruments. Ask about our rent to own program.

Get Guitars, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, & Mandolins, Keyboards, Violin, Violas, Drums, Sax, Flute, Trumpet, Trombones. RIGHT HERE! BUY OR RENT TO OWN 

Green Dragon Market T-26

Ephrata, PA 17522

888-502-BEAM (2326)

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